A critique of Saunders' 'Historical evidence for energy efficiency rebound in 30 U.S. sectors'

Technological Forecasting & Social Change 103: 203–213 (2016) (with Jonathan G. Koomey)

A 2011 report from the Breakthrough Institute criticized energy efficiency as an ineffective climate mitigation strategy because of the rebound effect. Here, we show that the main evidence behind this finding was the product of a significant analytical error. 

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End use technology choice in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS): An Analysis of the Residential and Commercial Sectors

Energy Economics 40: 773–84 (2013) (with Jordan T. Wilkerson, Danielle Davidian, and John P. Weyant)

Static input parameters describing consumer behavior play a significant role in determining energy demand in NEMS, the federal government's most important energy model. 

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