U.S. Environmental Law in Transition

Earth Systems 108/208 & Law 2518  |  Spring 2017

This course offers an accessible survey of timely topics in environmental law and policy as the United States transitions presidential administrations. Taught by two practicing lawyers, the class introduces students from any background to the interactions between local, state, and federal environmental law as they apply to prominent policy issues. We will analyze major changes in federal policy, providing historical context for the transformations now underway in the laws and institutions that help shape environmental outcomes in the United States.

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U.S. Climate Policy, Law, and Politics

ERG 290  |  Spring 2015

This course offers an interdisciplinary, graduate-level survey of historical and current efforts to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States. Students will read primary legal documents—including statutes, regulations, and court cases—in order to evaluate the forces shaping American climate policy. Although the class will focus on the intersection of climate policy and the legal system, no specific background in law is necessary.

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